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The Answers You Need to Know

How do I clean my jewelry once it loses its' luster?

Here's the secret: hot water, lemon juice, dishwashing liquid, and friction. Submerge jewelry in this solution for about 5 minutes and swish it around, gently. A soft toothbrush can also be used for more stubborn spots. Rinse with plain water and dry with a cloth right away to avoid water spots. Finish up with a polishing cloth and shine on.

How can I figure out my ring size?

Many of our rings are adjustable; however, if you choose a fitted option and are not sure of your ring size, you can wrap a piece of string around the base of your finger (or wherever you want the ring to sit) and measure the string with a ruler in mm. 

Do you make custom designs?

Absolutely! One of ones is where we shine! Please reach out by filling out our get a quote form and we can get the process rolling. Here I will learn key things about you and/or your vision so I can create a piece that's personal to you. Once we decide on an idea, we will agree on a fair price, iron out an expected time-frame, then we get to work. You will receive an invoice and we go from there. 

What makes your jewelry unique from other jewelry on the market?

When you wear a Those Brothers piece, it just hit different. Because we create from a place of love and intention, that energy can be felt by the wearer: we are connected. Also, all of our jewelry is made by hand and is designed and fabricated with a 20 year lifespan as a goal. In our 20 years of existence as a company, we’ve concentrated on making one of ones avoiding the cookie cutter feel. As unique as you and I, each piece is created from a place of universal love.

Is the metal real? 

It is our intention that you are able to enjoy your pieces for the long haul therefore, all metals we create with are of high quality. We are mindful of skin sensitivities and reactive materials present in some metals and we avoid those at all costs by shopping with trusted, eco-friendly, cruelty free suppliers. 

How come sometimes my copper jewelry is pinker and shinier and other times it looks more dull and dirty?  

Copper has healing properties and has been known to pull impurities and inflammation out of our bodies so if you pay close attention, you will surely see your jewelry react with what's going on internally. 

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